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What about the Nuns!?!?!

29 Jul

Seems I’m not the only one who is puzzled by the excessive talk of the genius monks behind monastic breweries producing the illustrious trappiste/abt/quadrupel brews.  While I was googling around for an answer to nuns and brewing I came across several other blogs that are asking the same question.

Convents work under the same restrictions as monastic communities and must be self-sufficient enough to provide food, drink and some income to keep it all running.  Surely they didn’t rely solely on income from crafts, tutoring or being nun-like at official occasions.  These women had the same set-up and resources as the guys, so why aren’t we hearing more about them?!

Anyone care to elaborate?

Dangerous Liasons

15 Jun

trappistes-rochefort-10Ok so the other night I had the orgasmically delicious Rochefort Trappistes 10 and I just happened to be nibbling on candied orange peels covered in dark chocolate.  May I venture this to be the best combination especially for that time of the month.  The aroma is boozy dried apricots/juicy prune and the mouthfeel is so smooth on the palate that the 11.35 abv is dangerously well-hidden.  The dark fruity notes of this beer play exquisitely well off the sweet, bitter and citrusy nature of the candy.  I would also recommend a sour ale, perhaps the Flemish Red Duchess de Bourgogne as an alternative.

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