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White Lady

16 Aug

Happily fruit isn’t racist – so you don’t have to be a white lady to enjoy a white lady peach, it merely refers to the white flesh inside the peach.  The color through the skin is beautiful and is quickly distinguishable from the red haven (yellow flesh) peach.  With a free-stone pit peach you don’t have to worry about losing any of the goods to a tenacious pit.  It’s also easy to halve a peach without a knife – find the sutcher (butt crack) line, plunge both thumbs in and pull in opposite directions.  I picked these up from my family orchard, pulled them open, removed the pit and a dessert idea popped in my head:  halved peaches, a spoon scoop of Fage 0% yogurt and sprinkling of ground ginger over top.

white ladies

The peaches are insanely good, juicy and sweet and the cool tartness of the yogurt blends well with the textures while the ginger adds a subtle spicy happiness.  With a bottle of Prosecco and two plates full of peaches between 4 people, these were gone in a flash.

Ne vuoi ancora?

15 Jul


This one is a serious stumble and it all went down as I was hunting for food — for a student art exhibition I was in charge of running and making the aperativo — in my local grocery store on Via Olona in Milan.


The recipe popped into my head as I was going through my favorite section of produce and fruit.

RAG SALAD: radish/avocado/grape

4 large avocados diced into bite size chunks

1 large bunch of red (preferably red globe) grapes cut into halves or quarters

1 medium bunch of radishes thinly sliced so there are beautiful circles of them

Layer all this up in a large bowl and toss with a light coating of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pepper over top.  The smooth, sweet mellow of the avocado goes really nicely with the crunch and sweetness of the grapes and the spicy crunch of the radishes.  Plus it just looks really beautiful and summery heaped on a nice white platter.

I came back with this recipe to Ohio after my semester abroad in Milan, Italy and served it as one of the dishes at our annual potluck Memorial Day party and every guest came up to me asking how to make it and could I please make more.  You’ll get serious points for deliciousness, easy presentation and innovation — people like eating something that looks and tastes great and they feel better about themselves for trying something different.  You won’t have to ask “Ne vuoi ancora?” — Would you like some more?  Treat them with some prosecco (Italian champagne) or a nice juicy hopped up IIPA like: Bells Hopslam or Buckeye Aquarius.

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