Crain’s 2011 IDEA Conference Detroit

22 Mar

Detroit’s in the news again! Did my iPhone really just auto-correct that to Detritus? Wow, Steve Jobs.

This is a city I well and truly love and where for 16 years every other weekend I would stay with my dad on Jefferson Ave. – the famous central road/highway that cuts through the heart of the city.

Detroit is gaining traction in visibility through more positive channels than ever before. The new Chrysler ads are incorporating Eminem’s music from 8 Mile which welcome a return to the city’s original and unique brand as The Motorcity – “this is what WE do”.

Detroit will host Crain’s 2011 IDEA Conference which fosters opportunity for broader discussions between “leading thinkers, innovators and doers from technology, business, energy, product innovation, social entrepreneurship, design, music, media, automotive, restaurants and more […]” (Crain’s IDEA Conf.).

I love being at work when the new issues of Advertising Age get delivered because not only do I devour the articles but the past few have had front page stories on Detroit … and they’re NOT about arson or failing industries, it’s all gravy, and I LOVE gravy.

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