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What about the Nuns!?!?!

29 Jul

Seems I’m not the only one who is puzzled by the excessive talk of the genius monks behind monastic breweries producing the illustrious trappiste/abt/quadrupel brews.  While I was googling around for an answer to nuns and brewing I came across several other blogs that are asking the same question.

Convents work under the same restrictions as monastic communities and must be self-sufficient enough to provide food, drink and some income to keep it all running.  Surely they didn’t rely solely on income from crafts, tutoring or being nun-like at official occasions.  These women had the same set-up and resources as the guys, so why aren’t we hearing more about them?!

Anyone care to elaborate?


28 Jul

Accomplishment at the early age of 26 and another history lesson on the importance of women to brewing.

Ancient Peruvian Gold

28 Jul

These women had it figured out way back in the day.  Pretty great brewing history to inspire female brewers today.

Holy Shit Batman!

21 Jul

I was perusing my favorite gossip/women issues site Jezebel and I come across this article that blew my mind.  I give thanks for not being abused with corporal punishment for drinking a beer.

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