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Friday is a Grill Day

20 Sep

I grilled again the other Friday with great food, beer, company and weather.  This time I took it easy on the pre-lighter soaked charcoal and in so doing, managed to avoid the third degree burns of my first attempt.  On the menu:  grilled corn in their husks, portobello mushrooms, red peppers, chicken liver marinated in olive oil/soy sauce/cumin, hot doggies,  strip steaks, pita and  a sauce made of Fage 0% yogurt+chopped cilantro+diced garlic.  We were all so stuffed that hardly any of us made it out to the parties that night.  The assorted dishes and food stuffs also didn’t make it out of the trunk of my car until today, 2 weeks later…SO gross, really have to stop being lazy.

grill time with lovely lady helpers hard at work

photo courtesy of MK

Anyway, the surprise of the experience was the liver.  I guess it really shouldn’t have been a surprise but I was shocked at how velvety the liver was after its long sojourn on the grill.  I kept forgetting it wasn’t heart and therefore not a muscle that would toughen up if I wasn’t careful.  I really shouldn’t have been so taken aback since I’m a big fan of foie gras.  In any case, it was delicious nestled in a hot pita with the yogurt sauce some jalapenos and peppers.  I liked the liver and I’m still trying to break into offal but the local market doesn’t stock it!  That said, long live grillin’ days, cuz they’re the best.

grill mistress

photo courtesy of MK

White Lady

16 Aug

Happily fruit isn’t racist – so you don’t have to be a white lady to enjoy a white lady peach, it merely refers to the white flesh inside the peach.  The color through the skin is beautiful and is quickly distinguishable from the red haven (yellow flesh) peach.  With a free-stone pit peach you don’t have to worry about losing any of the goods to a tenacious pit.  It’s also easy to halve a peach without a knife – find the sutcher (butt crack) line, plunge both thumbs in and pull in opposite directions.  I picked these up from my family orchard, pulled them open, removed the pit and a dessert idea popped in my head:  halved peaches, a spoon scoop of Fage 0% yogurt and sprinkling of ground ginger over top.

white ladies

The peaches are insanely good, juicy and sweet and the cool tartness of the yogurt blends well with the textures while the ginger adds a subtle spicy happiness.  With a bottle of Prosecco and two plates full of peaches between 4 people, these were gone in a flash.

Late-night Samiches

9 Aug

I love a really good sandwich with an equally matched beer — they’re easy to make, infinitely variable and portable.  So here are my four favorite sandwiches as of late, mostly late-night-scrounging-around creations.

First:  This first one came into being one late night in Milan when my roommate and I were desperate for food and our tiny fridge seemed huge with its insides voided by previous raids.  We luckily had four things available to us — a banana, one slice of wheat bread, peanut butter (sales of which are probably more lucrative than crack to American customers in Italy) and a tablespoon of jam.  I took out a skillet, put a small slice of salted butter (Kerry Gold — yes I was a poor student that splurged on butter) in the hot pan and the last piece of wheat bread we had on top to toast.  On the bread was spread a layer of extra crunchy peanut butter, Bon Maman strawberry jam and slices of banana.  I thought Elvis might be proud of my first forays into sweet, fattening, salty fried sandwich concoctions.  Need I explain how delicious this was?  How the saltiness of the toasted bread connected with the salty sweet peanut butter, the juiciness of the jam, the crunch of the bread with the mellow softness of the banana?  I guess not.  While I didn’t have it at the time I’ve often thought a dry stout such as Three Floyds Black Sun Stout would be a nice complement.

Second:  While in Italy I consumed so many prosciutto crudo and fontina panini that I grew to hate the sight of them.  So I decided to create an old favorite for the first time — chicken salad.  This is my favorite “salad” sandwich of all time but the mayonnaise has always scared me and I wanted to make it without.  I got some chicken breast, grilled and diced it up then threw it in a bowl with a small container of Fage Total 0% greek yogurt, chopped celery, halved red grapes, salt and pepper to taste.  Toasted up some wheat bread, lettuce, tomato and a big slop of the chicken salad.  The yogurt is the key component — it’s incredibly good for you, thick and delicious so you feel like this is a serious treat and it is.  Throw back with an IPA of your choosing.

Third:  The scorcher.  Wheat bread toasted with guacamole slathered on one piece and Defcon sauce (or whatever hot sauce you prefer) on the other, tomatoes, cajun rubbed chicken slices.  It’s simple but the spice of the garlic/onion/cilantro in the guac with the hot sauce and spicy chicken is awesome.  And the array of textures is so good.  An American strong ale, Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale, is probably the only thing to knock out the heat.  DO NOT try to kiss anyone after eating this.

Fourth:  Grilled cheese, that childhood standby and delectable snack.  My first grilled cheese experiences as a kid did not involve tomato soup, that came later when I first encountered school cafeteria food.  Grilled cheese was done at home in a skillet with butter and usually a loaf of rustic french bread with provolone or muenster cheese and always pepperoni (thanks to my bro for that one).  Up until maybe high school or my first year in college this was how we ate grilled cheese, until I started messing around with the status quo.  Thank god our status quo was already miles beyond delicious but the addition of horseradish cheddar cheese and pepido peppers made all the difference.

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