Real women drink real beer and eat real food.

I started off my journey through the beer world at a very young age learning from my father that light beer was the enemy and so were the macros.  What I didn’t know about was the world of beer that existed outside my father’s Guinness, Boddington’s and Murphy’s, until I met another man in my life.  Now my eyes have been opened to the panoply of earthly delights created by geniuses operating mash-tuns and fermenting delicious hops, weird yeast strains and varied malts.  My interest has been peaked and I doubt my fascination with this micro/craft industry will ever plateau.

My appetite is voracious for trying beer and food outside my comfort zone and I hope to share this journey with others who share this dual passion.  I would also wish this to be a haven for all the women who are beer lovers and are not intimidated by the male dominated nature of this industry.  Cheers to all!!!

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