Social Media Savvy

22 Feb

If you don’t believe marketing has gone through the roof with the advent of social media/networking then you’re probably an ostrich sticking its head in some desert. Ever had sand in your ear holes? It’s not a cute look.

When I first moved out to Chicago, my roommate and I made our apartment a place on Google Maps as a joke – because we do so much entertaining. We’re listed under categories like restaurant, beverage distributor and of course, magic. Within a few months a consultant agency representative emailed us asking if we needed her help creating greater visibility for our brand.

OK so maybe we had our own QR Code and took it a little far but it really shows that a little social networking savvy can take you from a small corner in Chicago to a business in a few clicks. And that there are a few bum consulting agencies out there – did I mention the magic?

You stay classy social media. And can I get an amen for my almighty Google+?

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