Beer Journeys

My beer journey/research officially started when I went to Milan to study for my junior year spring semester.  Thanks to RateBeer’s site I was able to locate local brewpubs and beer stores in my area as well as when traveling outside Milan.  Here we go.

A Tutta Birra

A Tutta Birra: I was alerted to its existence by my  mother who saved a New York Times article about the burgeoning craft brew industry in Italy.  I even got to meet the lovely proprietor who helped me select some serious life-changing beer.  Take a closer look at the bottom left corner, Duff beer lives outside The Simpsons!


Roybeer:  Very cool and small beer/homebrewing store in Milan.  The owner was incredibly helpful when I asked about his favorite Italian craft brews and insisted that I sit behind his desk for a photo-op.  Milan gets a rep for being a cold, industrial, ego-centric, fashion obsessed city but in my dealings with people on a daily basis in Milan proved the opposite.  This fact was no less obvious when I walked into Roybeer.

One of the aspects of Italy I miss the most back here in the States is the idea of letting a customer peruse your store without pestering them.  In the States we are assailed by customer service and we are taught this is a good thing.  I beg to differ.  I truly appreciated that the owner welcomed me with “buongiorno”, then let me walk around until I came to him with questions and the outpouring of help ensued.

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