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Gone Baby Gone

23 Oct

Maybe you’ve noticed but it’s been since March that I’ve posted on this blog and that is for several reasons/excuses. I got a full-time job, I was learning about marketing at my job and become completely immersed in that while channeling my writing juices into my company’s blog, and then I got on a serious budget which stopped my cash flow into adventurous cooking and cocktail/beer explorations. That said, in the interim I discovered how much I loved Twitter, then dumped it for Google+.

My refocused energies mean I’ve decided to start a rotating small plates club (way better than book club), try running a 5K/8K this year, retire this blog and move it to Google+, rev up my Italian and get my groove back. Any and all interested in joining me on my little adventure, heave ho!

Get recipes, tips, stories and great pics from fellow foodies here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/

Social Media Savvy

22 Feb

If you don’t believe marketing has gone through the roof with the advent of social media/networking then you’re probably an ostrich sticking its head in some desert. Ever had sand in your ear holes? It’s not a cute look.

When I first moved out to Chicago, my roommate and I made our apartment a place on Google Maps as a joke – because we do so much entertaining. We’re listed under categories like restaurant, beverage distributor and of course, magic. Within a few months a consultant agency representative emailed us asking if we needed her help creating greater visibility for our brand.

OK so maybe we had our own QR Code and took it a little far but it really shows that a little social networking savvy can take you from a small corner in Chicago to a business in a few clicks. And that there are a few bum consulting agencies out there – did I mention the magic?

You stay classy social media. And can I get an amen for my almighty Google+?

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