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Friday is a Grill Day

20 Sep

I grilled again the other Friday with great food, beer, company and weather.  This time I took it easy on the pre-lighter soaked charcoal and in so doing, managed to avoid the third degree burns of my first attempt.  On the menu:  grilled corn in their husks, portobello mushrooms, red peppers, chicken liver marinated in olive oil/soy sauce/cumin, hot doggies,  strip steaks, pita and  a sauce made of Fage 0% yogurt+chopped cilantro+diced garlic.  We were all so stuffed that hardly any of us made it out to the parties that night.  The assorted dishes and food stuffs also didn’t make it out of the trunk of my car until today, 2 weeks later…SO gross, really have to stop being lazy.

grill time with lovely lady helpers hard at work

photo courtesy of MK

Anyway, the surprise of the experience was the liver.  I guess it really shouldn’t have been a surprise but I was shocked at how velvety the liver was after its long sojourn on the grill.  I kept forgetting it wasn’t heart and therefore not a muscle that would toughen up if I wasn’t careful.  I really shouldn’t have been so taken aback since I’m a big fan of foie gras.  In any case, it was delicious nestled in a hot pita with the yogurt sauce some jalapenos and peppers.  I liked the liver and I’m still trying to break into offal but the local market doesn’t stock it!  That said, long live grillin’ days, cuz they’re the best.

grill mistress

photo courtesy of MK

True Blood

8 Sep

I’m so seriously in love with the HBO series True Blood that my roommate and I pulled a day-long marathon to catch up to the current episodes of this season.  The weird and gross part about the show is that it makes you hungry.  And nothing makes you hungrier than the introduction of a villianous maenad named MaryAnn.  She’s basically the scariest, vibrating, beautiful demon you’ve ever met and she has all the food, booze, drugs and sex you could want — obviously at the price of becoming her possessed slave.  However, she does cook up a squeamishly delectable looking heart soufflé.  Ok, so she ripped it out of a human being and then fed it to 2 of her unwitting followers but damn this woman cooks up a mean one.

heart souffle

I’ve already established my love of all things food related (not human thanks!) that are gorey.  I was even teased by a friend when I was taken with a beautiful display of kidneys at the West Side Market in Cleveland.  I guess this all means I’m probably an evolved vampire at some level.  Now all I want is an animal (still NOT human) heart soufflé and it doesn’t help that my dining hall still barely feeds me and our vending machine is broken.

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