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Happy Makers

24 Aug

I was watching No Reservations: Montana tonight, which along with The Hills is my monday night tradition, and Jim Harrison said something that struck me:  “You eat what you grow up eating”.  Thankfully, I didn’t grow up eating spam.  These are the foods I find myself still cooking and coming back to, they make me happy.  I also find myself cooking them to make others happy as I have an intense urge to feed people whenever they are down or in my immediate vicinity.

So, ok we continue to eat what we grew up eating to some extent.  Is the same true of beer?  Do we grow up drinking what we drank as young un’s or what our parents drink?  My dad was a big one for Guinness but the last one I drank was 3 years ago.  This is not the beer I come back to nor is a case of Natty Light.  Is this solely because I was not bottle-fed beer as a child and therefore do not have the necessary sentimental/nostalgic attachment to certain beers I grew up around.  The beers I tend to lean towards are those that remind me of my family orchard – especially Cantillon Vigneronne and Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga(The Firefly).

What is it that makes the difference?  What food and what beer make you happiest?  Let’s ignore for the moment or forever that all the lady mags/shrinks tell us that food and booze shouldn’t make us happy.  They are obviously idiots.

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