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6 Sep

Baladin is a brewery I really respect.  Comes out of Piozzo, Italy and represents a serious stronghold of the good craft beer Italy has been pumping out in the last few years.  I find the bottles, typography, labels, presentation and of course, the beer, absolutely riveting.  They are so uniquely their own.  My latest Baladin was the Xyauyù Etichetta Oro, vintage 2005.
baladin xyauyu gold label

The pour was flat, a little oily/silky with no head.  You can see the color is like a cognac, sherry or port.  On the nose was a scent like warmed cashews mulling at the bottom of a glass of port.  Nutmeg/pumpkin spice was also present in the flavor.  The mouthfeel was unctuous and smooth, belying the hidden 13.5% abv.  The label described this as maturing like a fine Madeira or cigar.  The price tag was over what I would pay again anytime soon but I would pay it again eventually to lay it away with its sisters the silver and copper labels for another day.

baladin 2


Shiny Happy Bottles

1 Aug

I’m an Art History major, which doesn’t come close to making me an expert in art but it’s any easy way of saying I’ve always got my eyes peeled for and focused on all things visually stimulating.  It means I also like to figure out what and who is behind the art.  One of my favorite facets of seeking out and enjoying craft beer is the label.  There is something so satisfying when you find a beer that pleases all 5 senses.  That’s when I fall in love with a beer.  I fell in love with 2 beer shops in Milano, A Tutta Birra and Roybeer and came away with some great beers and great labels.  My first trip to A Tutta Birra, I almost broke my arms carrying home my bags of beer.  I stashed a few of my babies in the fridge and others in the closet where there was more room.  I showed them to anyone who would listen to me gush about my new finds.

first beer shop excursion

Here are a few of my fav-o-rite things:

Brouwerij de Molen: simple, bold, interesting, commanding, DROP DEAD SEXY (and that’s just the label!)

de molen

Three Floyds:  my heart is heavy and sad that they stopped distributing to Ohio but it makes the pleasure of getting or even seeing one that much more rewarding.  A beer named Fantabulous Resplendence needs no intro.

Three Floyds 10th Anniversary

Le Baladin:  a birreria in Italy that has some very curvaceous bottles with some funky and some somber labels.  Take for instance their celebrated Baladin Xyauyù barley wine.

Baladin Xyauyù

I could wax rhapsodic on these images for pages but would rather inspire others to keep an eye out for the beer or beers that makes all 5 senses very happy.  Cheers.

UPDATE:  Thanks to fellow ratebeerian OldMrCrow, I’ve been introduced to The Dissident.  Dude’s right, this label is great.  And it brings up another point, why is the only label artist I’ve heard of Ralph Steadman?  Does that even count!?!  He’d been famous long before Flying Dog Brewery.  Where is the talk of the people behind the labels?  This is usually our first encounter with a beer, visual — the label or the tap.  For something so primary and basic where’s the attention?

The Dissident

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