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Bomb Lasagna

11 Dec

Mozzerella is a great thing — it makes pizza happy and caprese a perfect snack — but I feel it’s a misplaced addition to lasagna.  I’ve never been a fan of lasagna because I never found the combination of mundane ragu and a relatively flavourless cheese that thrilling.  So, over this Thanksgiving break I gave it a try with very slight variations.  For my ragu I started off with browning up some garlic, shallots and chopped andouille sausage in a little olive oil with some splashes of Beckwith cider and a can of whole, peeled tomatoes.  The cider gave it a mild sweetness to counter the spicy sausage, yielding a frankly delightful meat sauce.

A casserole dish was buttered up, layered with the kind of lasagna you don’t have to boil before you bake, then the ragu, ricotta blended with a little heavy whipping cream/cayenne pepper and then slices of creamy havarti on top and halved grape tomatoes.  The havarti was neither too sharp nor too mild and worked it’s quasi-spiciness with the andouille ragu.  The most common reaction from friends was, “this is a BOMB-ASS lasagna!” and then some fighting over bites.  I suppose it was a success.

p.s. it went really nicely with Alesmith’s Grand Cru


7 Dec

I had the great luck to find a good sampling of Alesmith’s 750s: Grand Cru, Speedway Stout, Old Numbskull, Horny Devil and Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Recently split the Wee Heavy with my roommate, whose monkey toes are pictured below trying desperately to grasp the bottle.

It so happened, that she and I had been reminiscing about the glories of really delicious date cake.  I can only dream about the beautiful possibilities of this scotch ale paired with a date cake or date tart.  A gorgeous dark ruby pour even though at first glance it appears to be dark brown/black. The 10% abv is well hidden for the most part until the aftertaste and subsequent warming affect.  Two finger airy tan head that faded fast.  The aroma is really heavenly, boozy warmed dates and the flavor is a hint of the aroma but boozier.  Not overpoweringly sweet.

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