11 hours

29 Jun

Last week John Isner and Nicolas Mahut battled it out for three days on the fading grass courts of Wimbledon, leaving the tally at 70-68 and the rest of the world watching in agony.  Roddick was a gem and sent Isner his personal massage therapist and food after the second day had dragged on ’till 9 pm that night.  Here’s what I would have fed Isner after his hard-earned, record-breaking, death-defying, mind-numbing/blowing match against Mahut.

Paella — lots of good seafood protein, not as heavy as steak with good rice to back it up.

Fruit salad a mile high with lemon juice and mint dressing.

Some feijoada — for the meatier proteins, heaps of black beans, mounds of sauteed spinach and orange slices for optimum muscle recovery.

Sorbet and chocolate covered strawberries — so I could hand feed them to him as he reclined like the Romans.  After all the guy’s like what, 6’9′?!  Annnnnddd let’s face it…he is SUCH a cutie pie.

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