Victor Churchill

4 Jun

I’m not the first and certainly not the last person to write about Victor Churchill.  I found out about this spot from The Cool Hunter and then begged my mother to stop by while she was on a trip to Sydney earlier this spring.  Like the darling she is, she did and came back with some great pics.

It’s a high end butcher shop in a small, boutique neighborhood in Sydney called Woollahra.  Apparently they have a curing room where they cure meats hung on circulating racks, revolving in front of a wall of salt blocks.  The revolving meat in stasis resembles designer dresses hung styled for the front window, it’s that beautiful.  The door handle itself is made of fake linked sausages.  According to Victor Churchill’s site, the store design is the first retail store project taken on by Dreamtime Australia Design, known for their work elsewhere in the luxury industry.  They have butchers on site who prepare meats and charcuterie for display and by order.

All I have to say, is the second-hand experience is not enough.  I want in this store… badly.  And maybe if I was like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world they’d think I was cool enough to hire me and my dreams would come true.  A girl can dream.

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