Boozy Floozy

9 Jan

I love a good cocktail: this one was champagne and homemade sorbet.  The only thing missing was some gambling, pretty little cakes and Marie Antoinette as my drinkin’ buddy.

Juice of 4 lemons, juice of half a ruby red grapefruit, teaspoon of lemon zest stirred into chilled simple syrup (1 cup water + 1 cup sugar boiled for 3 minutes).  Pour the mixture into a shallow pan and pop in the freezer until semi-solid.  Fluff with a fork and then freeze until solid.  Put in Cuisinart and blitz it ’til smooth, then put in container and freeze.  I made another batch with juice of 1 ruby red grapefruit+1 lime with a teaspoon of lime zest.

2 loverly spoonfuls of sorbet with champagne over top.  If you want, smush the champagne into the sorbet until you have an awesome slightly boozy slushie.  To be frank, it’s kind of a rip from the Chilean drink tradition of pineapple ice cream with white wine, called Terremoto or “The Earthquake”.  The sorbet is the right amount of tart with a touch of sweet and the champagne only furthers the brightness of the flavors.  Heaven.  This may be the single most “girliest” drink you will ever catch me drinking and it goes down so smooth.

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