Winner Winner

3 Jan

Tonight I finally made a little concoction that had been keeping me up at night.  Because yes, there are many nights when I don’t sleep all that well because I’m thinking up different recipes I want to try.  Down to the details.  I stuck a smallish pork tenderloin in a pan on the stove to brown up with a little butter.  After I had flipped it once and I felt the meat was half-way done cooking on that side, I threw in some endive spears with a small slice of gouda to melt.  When the meat was finished and the cheese melted, I removed it all, cut thin slices of the tenderloin (which my mom suggested I butterfly next time) to stick on top of the cheese, then some black pepper and a healthy squeeze of lime juice.

The flavors and textures worked really well together:  the crunch of the endive coupled nicely with the juicy tenderloin and the lime complemented the funk of the gouda unbelievably well.  Great small plate item for parties.  When they’re back in season, I’m taking my original idea and slipping a slice of persimmon in between the tenderloin and the gouda.  It’s a more fun way to eat tenderloin than the traditional sit-down full-on dinner.  I’ve dubbed them tendive boats — aren’t they cute?!

One Response to “Winner Winner”

  1. Mammà January 3, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    Perfect post and perfect food! So lovely! Great contrast of crunch (endive) and creaminess (gouda), and succulent medium rare pork tenderloin. This would be a perfect starter for any meal, amd would also be a superb starter for any party. So yummy! I feel so lucky to be the recipient of such delicious food!

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