Coors can shove it.

4 Oct

And so can every company that thinks marketing to women means wrapping their useless products in pink with flowers and boys, dumbing it all down so much your gag reflex is healthy and kicking.  You know what makes me not buy Coors?  I’ve got a palate and a mind for good microbrews and not some filth that’s brewed “cold as the Rockies”.  I drink bourbon and beer not cosmos and bellinis.

The campaign is called the “Bittersweet Partnership” — how aptly named, and how dumb do they think women are?  The Bitter part is highlighted in pink, probably because they think women can’t even handle that word let alone the flavor and the crest is hops growing from a curly-cue heart.  But don’t worry Coors is there to listen and understand your girly feelings about this so-called manly beer — beer goddesses I know aren’t drinking swill and piss out of a silver bullet can.  Pretty sure silver bullet is synonymous with an enema.  Thus, Coors can shove it.  Man that makes me want to bring the motherf***ing RUCKUS!

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