Extra Sloppy

30 Sep

Is it just me or do you love sloppy-ass cafeteria food?  My dining hall at school is not so hot but it’s definitely superior in some aspects than my high-school’s dining hall.  However, there’s one thing they never get right at college and that’s the vats of extra sloppy casseroles, in particular tuna noodle.  You don’t really know what’s in it, it smells faintly of warmed up cat food, but it’s soooooo good when you start eating it.  And what happened to sloppy joes?  The cream of the crop when it comes to slop?  Stop forcing fried tofu on me and give me the lard-filled tubs of casseroles, because I never feel full in quite the same way anymore.  You know the kind when you unbutton and unzip the pants?  Perfection.  And America needs to get on board with serving beer and wine in cafeterias.  The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan knew how to do it — it was right next to the sparkling water.lunch lady land

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