6 Sep

Baladin is a brewery I really respect.  Comes out of Piozzo, Italy and represents a serious stronghold of the good craft beer Italy has been pumping out in the last few years.  I find the bottles, typography, labels, presentation and of course, the beer, absolutely riveting.  They are so uniquely their own.  My latest Baladin was the Xyauyù Etichetta Oro, vintage 2005.
baladin xyauyu gold label

The pour was flat, a little oily/silky with no head.  You can see the color is like a cognac, sherry or port.  On the nose was a scent like warmed cashews mulling at the bottom of a glass of port.  Nutmeg/pumpkin spice was also present in the flavor.  The mouthfeel was unctuous and smooth, belying the hidden 13.5% abv.  The label described this as maturing like a fine Madeira or cigar.  The price tag was over what I would pay again anytime soon but I would pay it again eventually to lay it away with its sisters the silver and copper labels for another day.

baladin 2

One Response to “Baladin”

  1. Zach September 15, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

    In Ohio, it appears courtesy of Cavalier Distributing Co.

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