Hot Damn

16 Aug

I love the simplicity of preparation, cooking and presentation of seafood.  Meats can take forever to cook but when you throw shrimp in a pan or a grill you have to wait 5 minutes tops until they turn opaque.  In my constant quest to utilize cilantro in almost everything, I decided to cram it into the lifeless bodies of some fat wild shrimp.

Cilantro-stuffed shrimp:

Prep is the longest part of this recipe – clean a pound of shrimp with shell still on, rip off the legs and pull out the poop shoot.  Take the cleaned shrimp and slice open down the middle where the legs used to be.  Start cramming in a large pinch of freshly chopped cilantro (stems too!  it gives the dish more crunch), you can really manhandle the shrimp because the shells are so tough you won’t bust through them with your fingers.

stuffin shrimp

Next step, thinly slice a large shallot, do not dice.  Then dice up 2 large garlic cloves. Toss in a large high-lipped skillet with a small slice of butter and a thin coating of olive oil.  Lay shrimp over top when the shallots and garlic start to cook down a bit and brown.  Take 2 large lemons, juice the shrimp and throw into the skillet with shrimp.  Find  a dry white wine and pour into skillet (pour in one quick circular motion – this is just for flavor and will mostly cook off, we’re not trying to drown the shrimp in booze).  Add salt and pepper to taste.

hot in the skillet

The shrimp, pictured above, are perhaps a minute away from being completely done (opaque).  I like to serve this with white rice and black beans.  It’s fun at a dinner party because you have to use your hands to rip the shells off so it lightens the mood and is freeing for your guests.

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