1 Aug

It’s one of my all time favorite Italian words, right up there with carina (precious, cute).  It literally translates as forever or always.  I’ve heard and used it in the sense of good food and drink, when exclaiming about something yummy.  For example: “Mi piace questa birra!” another will say “Oh, semmmmpre.”

I fell across another delicious idea worthy of the praise filled word sempre.  Shopping around my local grocery store in Milan, Pam, I was looking for an alternative to the usual caprese starter for my next dinner party.  The decision was very easy:  I had pears, prosciutto and a chunk of parmesan cheese the size of my face from the original factory.  No way could I polish it off by myself in the next month and a half so I shared it.

And speaking of beer, this dish goes unbelievably well with Birrificio Lambrate’s idea of a belgian strong ale, Lambrate Bricòla.  Oof.  This stuff is so delicious and a great take on the usually too sweet for me belgian strong ale.  A smokey first sip baited my interest for further sips that grew into a dark cherry and light honey flavor.  You feel supremely decadent munching on the smokey, salty cured prosciutto with the sweet and tangy cheese/pear combination all while washing it back with this gem.

This one is so simple:  fresh prosciutto crudo wrapped around a thin slice of pear and long chunk of parmesan cheese.  Serve on a plate and watch it disappear.  I served this again at a student art exhibition and had friends come simply because they heard I was in charge of the food and specifically was serving up this dish.  I will always be in love with the simple uses of a pig leg.

prosciutto the barcelona way

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