I should have been a fat kid

26 Jul

I really should have.  I really should be.  A big thank you to good genes.

I recently confessed to my mother that my favorite pasta was capellini, and not for the taste.  I wanted capellini because I could spool huge amounts on my fork for one mammoth mouthful.  I blame my mother for this because she makes an incredible meat sauce.  Sometimes, even now, when she makes it and there are leftovers I will eat it out of the tupperware with a spoon foregoing the pasta.

I’m not quite sure why  I was so secretive about this, but oh well.

In other pasta news, I actually made myself ill on an incredible dinner in Genoa, Italy.  We sat at a long table  and were served simple spaghetti with pesto and fresh fried sardines.  I had one bite of both these local specialties and was hooked.  When others at the table couldn’t finish their food I gladly took over.  By the end of the night my stomach was so distended I could barely move, I’d already unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and everyone’s plates were fighting for a spot on my small corner of the table.  I couldn’t help myself it just seemed criminal not to do the food justice.

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