Filthy Meat Lust

19 Jul

There are certain things that seriously inspire food lust in me.  Take for example raw or cooked cuts of meat or even whole fresh animals.  I suppose you could say that this lust borders on the macabre and this certainly came to fruition during my semester abroad in Milan, Italy and in my travels that took me to the Mercat de la Boquiera in Barcelona.

fruit stallThe first thing I saw walking into the market was a veritable outpouring of colors and ripe fruits.

egg stallThese polished babies were some of the most beautiful on display at La Boquiera.

aliens!Gooseneck Barnacles!

Milan has a grocery store in the historic centro of the city, Peck, that makes Dean&Deluca look like a pile of bricks.  I saw legs of prosciutto that would make you weep they were so beautiful.

wow.I can’t remember what these snails are stuffed with but just look at the smoked mozzarella ring.

But even this immaculate store could not compare to what I found in Barcelona.  La Boquiera was a market made of dreams for me:  here I saw whole piglets, smiling!, piles of fruit, candies, spices and the fish market was incredible — visceral in smell, sight and sound, with tough women hacking heads off fish, shucking oysters and drenched in blood.  Heaven.

happy piggies!

2 Responses to “Filthy Meat Lust”

  1. traPISSED September 22, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    That first photo is awsome


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    […] all time favorites.  Now I’m realizing that I have a dirty addiction, which would explain my Filthy Meat Lust.  I love the talk of the voyeurism of eating and cooking.  My persian roommate in Milan loved to […]

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