Hoppy is as Hoppy does

15 Jun

I started off my journey through the beer world at a very young age learning from my father that light beer was the enemy and so were the macros.  What I didn’t know about was the world of beer that existed outside my father’s Guinness, Boddington’s and Murphy’s.  Now my eyes have been opened to the panoply of earthly delights created by geniuses operating mash-tuns and fermenting delicious hops, weird yeast strains and varied malts.  My interest has been peaked and I doubt my fascination with this micro/craft industry will ever plateau.

My appetite is voracious for trying beer and food outside my comfort zone and I hope to share this journey with others who share this dual passion.  I wish this to be a haven for everyone obsessed with the pursuit of all things right and beautiful in food and beer.  As women we are a minority in a male-dominated industry, but we are no less welcome.  Cheers to all!!!

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